Port Ludlow Golf Course Pro Tips

Hole #1
  • Golfing, Golf Course, Olympic Peninsula
  • Olympic Peninsula, Golf
  • Golf Course, Olympic Peninsula
  • Golf Course, Water Views, Olympic Peninsula
  • Golf Course, Golf, Olympic Peninsula

The perfect tee shot should be placed left center. This will leave a challenging second shot to a green guarded by two large bunkers.

Hole #2
  • Bunkers, Golf, Golf Course, Olympic Peninsula
  • Bunkers, Golf, Golfing, Olympic Peninsula
  • Golf, Bunker, Active Lifestyle
  • Water View, Golf Course, Active Lifestyle

Long hitters, who choose to go for the green, take note of the OB left of the big cedars hugging the left side. Your ideal tee shot is at the large tree on the right side of the fairway.

Hole #3
  • Pond, Golf, Golf Course, Active Lifestyle
  • Golf, Pond, Active Lifestyle
  • Active Lifestyle, Olympic Peninsula, Golf

This hole tends to play 1/2 club shorter than the yardage, due to elevation change.

Hole #4
  • Golf Course, Greens, Olympic Peninsula
  • Golfing, Active Lifestyle, Nature
  • Pond, Olympic Peninsula, Golf Course
  • Olympic Peninsula, Golf Course
  • Greens, Olympic Peninsula, Golf, Golf Course

Your target off the tee is right of center to have a chance to get home in two. Short hitters, keep your second shot right of the small tree outlining the lake to avoid the hazard. This is one of our toughest greens, so do your best to putt uphill.

Hole #5
  • Golf Course, Active Lifestyle, Olympic Peninsula

The play is to put your tee shot down the right center of the fairway and avoid the lake on the left side. Check the pin placement on the green because its 56 yards deep!

Hole #6
  • Pond, Golfers, Golf Course, Olympic Peninsula

Due to elevation of this green, this hole typically plays 1 to 2 clubs longer.

Hole #7
  • Golf Course, Active Lifestyle, Olympic Peninsula

A big drive can clear the creek and opens up the second shot to a very large green (53 yards deep). Otherwise aim for the 150-yard marker in the fairway.

Hole #8
  • Trees, Greens, Golf Course, Golf

Avoid the pond on the right with your tee shot. Check your yardages because the green gets more undulating from front to back.

Hole #9
  • Golf Course, Active Lifestyle, Retirement Community

Time to bring your “A” game. This hole demands a pure tee shot to reach the flat portion of the fairway. Your second shot plays 1 to 2 clubs longer due to elevation change.

Hole #10
  • Mountains, Trees, Golf Course, Olympic Peninsula

Your tee shot must be to the left side to have a shot at the green. Large trees on the right will block any wayward drive and force a recovery shot.

Hole #11
  • Greens, Golf, Golfing, Olympic Peninsula

Tee shots will kick to the right. Aim far enough left to ensure you kick to the middle of the fairway. Second shot is down-hill and plays 1/2 club shorter.

Hole #12
  • Golfing, Golf, Trees, Active Lifestyle

Note the yardage from the tee to prevent driving straight into the hazard off the tee. A true risk/reward hole depending on the amount you want to cut the corner. On the second shot favor the left side, short of the fairway bunker, to have the best angle to the flagstick.

Hole #13
  • Golf Course, Active Lifestyle

Tee shot favoring right of center will reward golfers with the best angle to the green. Green slopes severely from back to front.

Hole #14
  • Olympic Peninsula, Golf

One of the great par 3s in the Pacific Northwest. Check the pin placement on the green because it stretches 55 yards in length.

Hole #15
  • Bunker, Trees, Golf Course

Hit your tee shot down the left side to shorten the hole. A fairway bunker awaits long hitters who drive over the corner. Shorter hitters should favor the right side for the best angle to the green.

Hole #16
  • Golfing, Active Lifestyle, Golf

Place your tee shot down the middle or take a chance playing the left side to shorten the hole. Distance is important on second shot; try to stay below the hole on this green which is sloped severely back to front.

Hole #17
  • Pond, Nature, Golf, Golf Course

Port Ludlow’s signature hole offers picturesque views and a challenging shot. Be sure to take enough club to carry the pond in front of the green.

Hole #18
  • Golf Course, Olympic Peninsula, Active Lifestyle

Stay right of center for your best angle to go for the green in two. It’s all uphill, so take enough club or layback to avoid the two large bunkers.

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