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To minimize personal contact, we have closed our office to customer traffic until further notice, but we are still here to serve you. If you need to make a payment, you may do so online or use the payment drop box located to the right of the entrance at the Port Ludlow Associates office. We are also available to assist you personally Monday through Friday from 10 am to 3 pm by phone or email.

Water Main Flushing Notice

This schedule may be modified without notice due to unforeseen workload and manpower availability. There will be notification signs in the general area of the daily flushing.  There are variables in the time it takes certain areas of the water system to be flushed satisfactory. We cannot give precise times and dates that the mains will be flushed in any area. Please note that this is an estimated schedule.

The flushing plan for the week of January 18, 2021 is to work through the Villages and Streets listed below:

Rainier Ln, Cressy Ln, Puget Loop, Drew Ln, Phinny Ln, Helm Ln, Gamble Ln, Camano Ln, Resolute Ln, Goliah Ln, Fleet Dr, Forester Ln, Explorer Ln, Trader Ln, Seafarer Ln, Pathfinder Ln, Adventurer Ln, Navigator Ln, Pioneer Dr, Keller Ln, Keefe Ln, McCurdy Ln, Foster Ln, Harms Ln, Jackson Ln, Wheeler Ln.

A reminder that the flushing may cause a temporary change in the appearance of the water.  The changes are generally in color, ranging from brownish to black in extreme cases. OWSI recommends that during the time of the flushing on your street that no water should be run in the homes. Using water at the same time as the flushing on the street you live on could draw colored water into household plumbing. The discolored water might appear not only in the tap but also in hot water tanks and toilet tanks.  In most cases after the flushing is complete running your tap for a few minutes will eliminate the discoloration.  It is a temporary condition and the water should quickly return to normal.  There are no known health issues associated with the discoloration.



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