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This copyright-registered digital file is conditionally and exclusively licensed (except for Photographer’s self-promotion) through June 1, 2006 to The Index Group for the benefit of Port Ludlow Associates, per our signed contract #05-0518 on file with both parties. These images may be used for all print and Web-based marketing, PR, and advertising uses. At the conclusion of the one-year exclusive, this license shall revert to a non-exclusive license except for a continued industry-exclusive in western Washington state only. No additional third party rights are granted with this license and these images may not be given or sold for use by any third party except as described above. All rights not specifically granted remain with the Photographer who in no way relinquishes, assigns, sells, or transfers his copyright to these images. This image and license are non-transferrable in whole or in part.

For questions or permissions, please contact Andrew Buchanan at 206-524-5825 or andrew@subtlelightphoto.com. Thank you for respecting intellectual property rights!

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