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A Peninsula on the Peninsula

As many of our guests come by car, chances are you experienced the joy of crossing the Hood Canal Bridge. I jokingly call myself a “bridge photographer” as I’ve enjoyed and photographed many sunrises, sunsets, and boat crossings in my time on the Olympic Peninsula.


When crossing the Hood Canal Bridge from Poulsbo, if you look to your right there is an island just off the shore. Funny thing though, it isn’t actually an island. It is a tombolo. What’s a tombolo, you ask…a tombolo is a peninsula at low tide and an island a high tide.


This particular tombolo is located at the Wolfe Property State Park, just off of Seven Sisters Road in Port Ludlow – about a 5 minute drive from the Inn. This beach is fantastic for beachcombing, exercising your pup, a leisurely stroll, and shellfishing. From the beginning of January to through mid-May, the Wolfe Property State Park is fantastic for harvesting clams and oysters.  I know it’s hard to believe, but see these two land masses? That blank space between the two is the Hood Canal Bridge!


Chimi the Cattle Dog, my most trusty companion, and I walked the shoreline at the Wolfe Property and had ridiculous amounts of fun. From the rocky beach terrain to finding a jellyfish to throwing sticks for Chimi to chase – we could have spent hours upon hours at the beach.


Driftwood adorns the sand like artwork (is it just me, or does this piece of driftwood look like an elephant?) and the water goes as far out as the eye can see.


We watched eagles and blue herons soar overhead and listened to the peaceful sounds of Mother Nature as we walked closer and closer to the access point of the tombolo. The tide was high, so we couldn’t cross over to the “island”, but our walk and experience was well worth the visit to the Wolfe Property.


Next time you have a free afternoon or are looking to enjoy a unique geographic feature – head to the Wolfe Property State Park, it is a hidden Port Ludlow gem not to be missed.

Written by: Kaitlin Chester

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  • Sarah

    How can I get to port Angeles from Everett? I was going to take the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston, but the bridge from port gamble to port ludlow is currently closed… is there a ferry? I don’t want to have to drive any further, if possible.

    • Michelle Foss

      Sorry for the delayed response, however the Hood Canal Bridge is the only way to cross if you are already on the Kitsap Peninsula. There is a ferry from Whidbey Island to Port Townsend.

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