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Paddling Ludlow Bay

In the Pacific Northwest when the weather hits 90 degrees, it is time to get in, on, or around the water. On a particularly scorching summer afternoon, my mother and I decided it was time to try paddle boarding. As this was both on our summer “bucket lists” and we needed reprieve from the heat it was time to get paddling.

We rented paddle boards from the Port Ludlow Marina. On a recommendation from the Port Ludlow Marina staff, I purchased a waterproof phone case so I could take pictures while out on the water. I highly recommend purchasing the case, as I was able to take some great shots out on the water.


We headed down to the docks where the dock attendant gave us some a couple tips including starting out on your knees before standing up. My mom and I wished each other luck and got on our boards. Feeling a bit shaky at first, I stayed on my knees as I began to paddle out into Ludlow Bay and after about five minutes I decided to stand up. What was the worst that could happen? I would fall in the water on a 90 degree day?  I slowly stood up and found myself feeling as sturdy as I would have felt kayaking. It was truly amazing. I turned around to see that my mother was also standing. Balance is an important part of paddle boarding my mother’s daily yoga practice definitely helped her in this new activity. Spoiler alert: neither of us ever fell off our boards!


Since we were beginners, in the truest sense of the word, we decided to circle the Marina. We enjoyed blue herons flying overhead, the sights and sounds of Mother Nature, the cool water splashing our feet on the board, and the beautiful views of Port Ludlow – picturesque views of the Inn, Totem Pole on Burner Point, and Ludlow Cove Cottages.


Feeling steady on the board, I slipped the paddle between my feet and took photos of the beautiful August afternoon. As we paddled around the Marina we noticed a boat heading out into Puget Sound called “The Bucket List” – very apropos for our excursion.


After about an hour on the water we returned back to the Marina. My mother couldn’t believe it had already been an hour. “It only felt like 20 minutes,” she proclaimed, a statement I completely agreed with. For the next few days I told friends and family about how much fun paddle boarding is. I truly look forward to my next experience paddle boarding Ludlow Bay.


Paddle board, as well as kayak and watercraft, rentals are available at the Marina. Call the Marina Store to make your watercraft reservation at 360.437.0513.

Written by: Kaitlin Chester

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