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Port Ludlow’s Trail System

In Port Ludlow we are so lucky to have over 26 miles of maintained hiking trails and that is in huge part to the Port Ludlow Trails Committee and the Trail Stewards.

The trail system was originally created from service roads that remained in Port Ludlow from Pope and Talbot. Hikers in Port Ludlow banded together and created a trail by connecting Timberton Drive to create a loop for two sections of the service road. This introduced the possibility for more trails and potential trails were then identified.

The Port Ludlow Village Council, the South Bay Club, the Ludlow Maintenance Commission, and Port Ludlow Associates all agreed to contribute funds and the Trails Committee Budget was allocated. This cooperative effort benefits the community, residents, guests, and the general public.

Beach Loop Trail

Beach Loop Trail

The Trail Stewards, currently 34 individuals managed by two coordinators, hike particular trail segments and perform blackberry bush maintenance. The Trail Stewards report back to the Trails Committee if major maintenance is needed, for example after a large windstorm. The coordinators then take care of the issue or assemble a crew to do so. The Committee is always looking for volunteers to join in on “Fun Day.” Fun Days are limited to two hours for volunteers to beautify, enhance, or fix a portion of the trails.

There are two trails under development. The committee recently received full approval to build Osprey Trail through a Ludlow Maintenance Commission Greenbelt and a large area of approved DNR property that will join together three existing trails – Teal Lake Loop, Olympic Terrace Loop, and Niblicks Loop.


Niblicks Loop Trail

The trails are a wonderful asset to the Port Ludlow community. Whether it is joining in on a “Fun Day Crew” with community members to complete two hours of maintenance on the trails, enhancing and embracing the natural surroundings, or getting some great outdoor exercise – the trail system is an integral part of the community.

To get involved with the Trails Committee contact Larry Scott at, sign-up for the Fun Day Crews email list, or come to the regularly scheduled Trails Meeting on the first Tuesday of each month, alternating between the Beach and Bay Clubs.

Written by: Kaitlin Chester

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