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Hiking Niblicks Loop

When the sun is shining in February in Washington, you know you’ve got to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.



I grabbed my fiancé, Jake, and our dog, Chimi, and we headed out to Niblicks Loop Trail. With our handy Port Ludlow trail map, we parked at the end of the Port Ludlow Golf Club parking lot and headed out on the 2.5 mile loop. The lush tree-lined loop is well maintained by the Port Ludlow Trails Committee which takes care of all 26 miles of hiking trails in Port Ludlow.



We walked out to the dirt access road and came across a fellow hiker with a dog. After the dogs made friends we were on our way. We hiked up past the water tower and then downhill we intersected with Timberton Loop – just according to plan.


Niblicks Loop is absolutely beautiful with breathtaking views of the golf course. Chimi had a blast checking out and sniffing the trees, grass, and streams of the trail and Jake and I were in awe of the serenity and peacefulness the quiet path brought us. In the distance you could hear golf clubs hitting balls far and wide and Chimi even found a golf ball on the trail that she took as a token of our fun adventure. The three of us had a great time.


Seeing that it was February, the trail was muddy in certain places so dress weather appropriate if you choose to hike this trail. The trail had several hills, so if hills aren’t for you, refer to the trail map. With hikes of varying lengths and ability levels, there’s a trail in Port Ludlow for everyone.


If you haven’t had a chance to hike in Port Ludlow or are looking for opportunities to hike with others in Port Ludlow, check out the Port Ludlow trail map or join in on a hike with the Port Ludlow Hiking Club – you won’t regret it.

Written by: Kaitlin Chester

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