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Want to Linger?

When was the last time you “LINGERED” somewhere? No, I’m not talking about lingering on your couch in your pj’s on a lazy Saturday – but lingered somewhere where you could explore your surroundings and take in new experiences without being rushed. Unplugging in a sense, from all your normal daily routines and agenda’s and plugging in to something new. If it’s been awhile or it’s time to recharge the batteries and seek a bit of different scenery, consider Port Ludlow…it seems to be the hot-spot for lingering these days.

Lingering…relaxing, exploring, tasting, shopping, golfing, hiking, spa’ing, sipping, sitting, talking, bird watching, house hunting…..you get the picture. These are all things that you can do just around Port Ludlow! Venture out to a neighboring town like Port Gamble and Port Townsend and there is even more to explore! Haunted mansions, antique shops, farmers markets, cideries, wineries, ice-cream shops, the list goes on and on.

All those activities considered I also understand that some people like to LINGER in place, comfortably in a plush robe; snuggled up in front of a warm fire; while taking in breathtaking views. Well, you can do that too….

The Resort is now offering a special LINGER Package – just to make it easy for you. (That’s how we start off your relaxing get-away, by making the first thing easy.) Stay twoconsecutive nights (weekday or weekend) in a cozy fireplace room with jetted tub, hand-crafted bath amenities and plush robes. Enjoy The Fireside for breakfast, lunch and Sunday brunch, and tapas-style happy hour. LINGER for dinner and enjoy the daily changing menu and the fireplace while you look at serene Ludlow Bay. LINGER with a Lingering Loganberry Cocktail with Whidbey’s Loganberry Liqueur and Eaglemount Rhubarb Cider. LINGER for a walk on 26 miles of trails in Ludlow or on the golf course. LINGER through the shops at the Marina and lobby of the Inn. And my personal favorite – LINGER at the spa (Ludlow Bay Massage and Wellness Spa) or have them come to your room for an in-room treatment. Ahhhh, sounds amazing. Feel like LINGERING yet?
The Resort at Port Ludlow – The Perfect Place to LINGER

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