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Last week, the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission named 19 individuals as recipients for the Carnegie Medal. The medal is given throughout the United States and Canada for those who perform extreme acts of heroism. One of the recipients was an employee of the Resort at Port Ludlow, James (Jim) Kocker of Poulsbo, Washington.

The actions for which Jim is being honored took place on October 12, 2013 in Ellensburg, Washington. Jim was a motorist that witnessed Anthony S. Johnson’s four-door sedan go down an embankment after he suffered a medical issue. The vehicle entered a pond where it began to submerge in six-foot-deep murky water, roughly 50 feet from the bank. Kocker swam to the vehicle, but was unable to open the doors, the driver was unconscious. Therefore, Kocker returned to shore, grabbed tool, and met up with a state trooper who had responded to the scene. The two returned to the sinking vehicle and broke out the rear-window. The vehicle quickly sank to its roof. Kocker went to the driver side door, opened it and freed Johnson of his safety belt. With the help of the trooper, Kocker swam the victim to shore. Although, Johnson required hospitalization, he survived the accident and made a recovery.

Acts of bravery and selflessness are performed everyday – they are what give us hope for the future and perspective about the present. Often the acts go unnoticed to the masses, but they are no less important or impactful than the ones which are justifiably rewarded

We are honored to have Jim a part of the Port Ludlow team, he’s a reminder of what is good around us. Congratulations, Jim!

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