A Little Reminder I Received While at the Office Today… Tide Course, 2nd Hole

Is it Summer Yet?

The view from my office is beautiful. I’m fortunate enough to be able to look out the window and see the water, the new development of Ludlow Cove Cottages and bit more than the occasional deer wander past. Being at the very tail end of the Washington state banana belt (or at least we feel like we are), it’s sunny and bright here more often than not. Being from Colorado (although I’ve lived in the PNW most of my life) to say that I love bright blue sky, is an understatement.

There is nothing better than blue sky here on the peninsula. It’s November and we’ve experienced one of the nicest autumns I can remember. However, I’m already longing for the lengthy days of summer. Days where I can enjoy the magnificent mountain and water views that come together like a breathtaking puzzle; take long hikes on endless miles of trails; ride my bike at 8:00 PM in shorts; and most all change my daily attire from boots, jeans and sweaters to capri’s, tee-shirts and flip-flops. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

OK – if you’re wondering what it is that has me on this “I’m ready for summer” rant in November? Well, it comes from watching this video of Port Ludlow over and over again. Watch it – I bet you’ll find yourself dreaming about the long warm days, too. Enjoy…

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