The Knitters are Coming… Is it Summer Yet?

A Little Reminder I Received While at the Office Today…

Someone shared this video with us this week and I have to admit that I didn’t watch it until now, when I’m working feverishly to get the November Newsletter together. This was too good not to pass along…

Busy in my own daily life with kids, pets, family, work, and friends I make it a priority everyday to find ways to stay healthy, active and as appreciative of life as I can. It’s not always easy, but I’ve experienced a couple of events in my life that have left me with a deep appreciation for being able to walk, for being ableto coach basketball and for being able to do anything I put my mind and heart into. I saw a NIKE t-shirt once that said “I RUN…because I can”. Such a simple phrase that carried so much weight for me. Staring down the path of my 40th birthday – I plan on running there all the way.

Aging and getting older is something that happens, but how we age, how we change is up to us. This sweet and inspirational lady is a reminder that the our desires in life shouldn’t end until our heart stop beating.

This video warmed my heart and welled up my eyes with a reminder that life is what you make it and if you find your happiness and willingness within first…you will shine and be beautiful forever. Enjoy!

Read the November Resort Newsletter here

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