BringFido Award Field Trip to Finnriver

Farm Dinner Series

The Fireside restaurant prides itself on working to provide its guests with seasonal and local ingredients plucked straight from our local family of farms. Daily deliveries of fresh produce, fish and poultry from our local farmers and fisheries allow us to provide our guests with a truly unique farm-to-table approach. 

What makes us unique is our commitment within our resort property as well as our surrounding community. We are contributing members of the Jefferson Land Trust and look forward to helping to preserve open space, working lands and habitat in Jefferson County. 

This summer we invite our guests to dine with one of our local farmers and enjoy a 
multi-course dinner prepared by our staff with ingredients brought in by the farmers themselves. In our second summer season we look forward to sharing our stories and those of our partners with all of you. 

Want to attend our first event with SpringRain Farm as our guest? Simply tell us what efforts you make in your home to support your local farms or perhaps what your favorite thing is to grow in your own garden.

Winners will be announced on Friday June 20th and will be given two tickets to the Friday, June 27th dinner and an inclusive wine pairing with each course. If in the event the first prize winner cannot attend we will do our best to find a suitable runner-up. 

Click here to purchase tickets to this event. 

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  • Anonymous

    I like to remove invasive species like Ivy from the landscape in Washington, at least cut it back so the berry wont get ingested by a bird and plant new ones everywhere, including the farms. I love using my commercial oyster shucker to open a big bag of fresh PNW oysters!

  • Steve Shively

    How do I support – and savor – our bountiful local farms… let me count just a few of the many ways!

    1. The people (and their personalities) are as delicious as their products. Roger and Kevin of Short's Beef are a hoot! Crystie & Keith of FinnRiver are as as dedicated and deep as their herb infused ciders. John is just a big loveable shaggy dog – just like his side-kick farm dog! Knowing the personalities behind the culinary delights on your plate is a delicious part of the adventure.

    2. The passion they place into every item produced. Rick with Cape Cleare Salmon knows each and every King & Silver by name ("Smilies"). Karen with Red Dog Farms sells you a tomato starter at the Farmers Market and you almost feel obligated to offer a visitation schedule! Nash is a "proud grandpa" for not only all the veggies he's grown but for the new generation of farmers he's helped inspire and sprout into new Ag endeavors.

    3. Partnership is palatable on the plate. When Chef Dan partners with Moonlight Farm for a pig roast, or celebrates a guests market-basket of freshly picked farm stand produce for a custom dinner creation he's genuinely excited to be a part of the whole farm movements "seed-to-savor" cycle. Too many resturants "talk" farm yet quickly reach for the uniformed, and all too often flavorless, factory farmed 4.8 oz. flash-frozen cut of protein or pre-washed, prep cut. salty water infused, substitute for vegetables. Rare is the chef who welcomes the raw natural shapes and sizes, along with the dirt and scales and feathers, and still consistently produces exceptional meals that are sustainable for everyone, EVERYONE, gathered at the feast.

    Personality, Passion and Partnership are just three of my favorite reasons I choose to dig-into our regions exceptional farm-to-table efforts! And I salute The Fireside at Port Ludlow's Resort for their on-going efforts to celebrate this bounty!

    Steve –

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