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BringFido Award

The Resort at Port Ludlow is pleased to announce that we have been honored as a 2014 Fido’s Favorite Award winner by the pet friendly travel website BringFido.com. This annual award recognizes hotels, inns and bed & breakfasts that attain superior pet-friendliness ratings from BringFido.com customers.  To recognize this award we wanted to share with you all a day in the life of post for our visiting pets. We look forward to seeing you and your best friend on a future visit.

Day 1
2:55 pm–  Arrive in Port Ludlow and immediately thinking, I can’t wait to be outside—there’s so many tress and very little “dog stations,” I hope this means Molly, my owner, can take me anywhere.
3:00 pm– The VIP welcome board says I’m royalty here. I mean I always knew that to be the case, I’m just excited someone else has chosen to recognize this. I hope they tell Molly, sometimes she forgets.
3:00 pm– Check in to The Inn at Port Ludlow- Currently drooling over the homemade dog treats that the nice lady at the front desk keeps handing over to me. I hope this never ends. Nice lady = holder of  treats and goes by the name Julie—note to self to become best friends with Julie.
I spy a trail map—phew lots of walks on this trip—and not just on the busy sidewalk streets, it looks like 25+ miles of glorious grass!
Julie also hands Molly a beautiful collapsible water dish—she really understands that I must stay hydrated. A good night’s sleep and plenty of water keeps your highness looking so fit and young.

3:10 pm– We head to our room fit for a Queen (that’s me). Molly and I take a few moments to unpack, I take a quick nap and then it’s off to the beach for us!
4:00 pm– Sand between my paws, Frisbee in my mouth and nothing but blue skies—I always considered myself to be a city dog but I could get used to all of this freedom! I spot a lean, dark and quite yappy lab down the beach and decide to call him a friend for the next few chases of the Frisbee. Alas, I begin to grow tired from all of this excitement and I tell Molly we need to wrap it up and get some dinner.

7:00 pm– A full stomach lends itself nicely to a great night’s sleep so I leave Molly and curl up on my favorite doggie bed that she so graciously brought for me from home.
Day 2
7:00 am– I tug at Molly for a few moments before she musters up the strength to climb out of what looks to be a very comfortable bed. I think she’s gotten the hint that I am ready to play but then she throws me for a curve. Usually she’s quick to take me for my morning walk and then get ready for work but today she takes her time, makes herself a cup of coffee from the Keurig in our room and enjoys a few moments to watch the sun out on our balcony. I let her enjoy this moment for as long as I can stand it but I bark a few times to let her know she can’t neglect me forever, after all this is my vacation.
9 am-12 pm– I am in HEAVEN! Molly and I spend the morning exploring all of the trails in Port Ludlow. I get to see so many different things that we don’t normally see in the city and it feels so good to get all of this fresh air! I’m sad that we have to check out today but I can’t thank Molly enough for such a great weekend. I give her lots of kisses to let her know how much fun I am having and hope that it’s enough to bring us back here again one day.

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Charlie decided to share a little. Comment below with your favorite outside activity to do with your dog and be entered for a chance to win the delicious homemade treats and water bowl Charlie mentioned in the post! Winner to be announced on our Facebook page on June 9th as well as in the comments section of this blog. 

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