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Time for Tea

On the third Tuesday of each month from 2pm-4pm we host an afternoon tea at The Fireside. This three course meal includes fresh baked biscuits and homemade marmalade, an assortment of finger sandwiches and a delicious selection of bite-sized desserts, all served alongside locally sourced teas from Wild Sage, Port Townsend. Each course pairs perfectly with the chosen tea, and the selection rotates each month so you’re sure to try something new.

Afternoon tea is the perfect excuse for a long lunch, a social meeting with your friends or a chance to enjoy small delicacies without feeling guilty. This month the marketing team (Jennifer and Tara) stepped away from our desks and enjoyed an afternoon full of conversation and stories with friends and visitors of Port Ludlow.

This month’s first course included Chef Dave’s orange marmalade and creme fraiche paired with a plum spiced tea (herbed tea of cinnamon, ginger and spices with a smooth plum finish). The flavors of both the tea and biscuit blended in unison to create a taste that reminded us all of fall. Chef even offered to share his recipe for the orange marmalade with our guests.

Our finger sandwiches included: lox and cream cheese croissants, cucumber and dill on white bread, caprese on a honey wheat bread and egg salad on a french bread. This course was paired with a Paris Gold Black Tea–the perfect balance of sweetness with four different black teas, a vanilla aroma and hints of caramel.

Green tea with lemongrass and coconut was our final tea of the afternoon. Desserts included mini creme brulee (our favorite), pineapple curd pastries with powdered sugar–the best one to pair with the tea, chocolate and hazelnut dipped strawberries and a lemon pudding tart. The best part was that you could sample each of these perfectly sized “tastings”.

If you have had the opportunity to enjoy Wild Sage Tea what was your favorite blend? Perhaps we can add it to our next menu!
We love sharing these memories with our readers and hope that you’ll join us for a future afternoon tea. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 360.437.7412. The next tea is Tuesday, June 17 and we hope to see you there. 
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