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All Things LUDLOW

What’s in a name? Ours dates all the way back to 1841. Charles Wilkes entered our waters on a United States Exploring expedition and named our piece of paradise “Port Ludlow.” Our name is a nod to Augustus C. Ludlow, a war of 1812 naval hero and a friend of Mr. Wilkes. Fast forward almost 200 years later to see the name “Ludlow” appear in all sorts of different ways. We’re flattered really to share our name with these companies and wanted to share them with you.
The Ludlow Shop-  a men’s suit collection by J. Crew. This trendy and affordable men’s suit collection features the “Ludlow traveler Suit,” which promises to stay wrinkle free in and out of your suitcase.(
Ludlow Co. – This Seattle based furniture, art and jewelry store focuses on unique treasures and antiques. (
Dinner on Ludlow- Classic comfort food restaurant located on the Lower East Side in New York City. Promising to keep “it” simple, this restaurants Executive Chef is none other than John Keller – previous Chopped contestant on Bravo TV.  (

Ludlow Wines- This family-owned and operated store is located in Cincinnati Ohio and allows its customers the ability to sip and savor wines and craft beers at its popular Friday and Saturday tastings. (
Who do you share your name with?
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