May Events

June Events

Lessons & Wine

Thursdays in June
Port Ludlow Golf Course

Hickory Golf Open - Port Ludlow

June 17th (Register by June 1)
Port Ludlow Golf Course

Greens, Golf, Golfing, Olympic Peninsula
Cleveland Scoring Clinic Srixon Fitting Day

Thursday, June 8th
Port Ludlow Golf Course

July & August Events

Salmon Potlatch Dinner Nights

Thursdays in July, August, & September
The Fireside

Port Ludow Golf Classic

July 20 – July 22nd
Port Ludlow Golf Course

Fall Events

Sound Brewery Beer Dinner

October 6th
The Fireside

Red Wine, Wine Glass, Dinner, Waterfront Dining
Syncline Winemaker Dinner

Friday, November 3, 2017